Men’s Programs

At the Public Safety Organization (PSO) men’s program you will find a complete approach to overcoming the very obstacles to becoming an engaged, responsible father, husband, and friend. You will enjoy a respectful, non-judgmental environment and a staff who understands where you are because some of them have been in your very same situation.  At a PSO fatherhood program you will also meet other fathers facing the same challenges who are willing to help each other find a better life for themselves and their families.

Many fathers have found that they get out of it exactly what you put in to it. PSO will provide information to increase your knowledge and skills linking to resources to execute your personal plan for a better life for yourself and your family.

Dads are encouraged to join and establish a moral compass that leads to a more fulfilling life. Fathers are invited to attend weekly peer support meetings where they join other fathers to learn about and share the process of building new personal support networks with men who want to do better and be better. The fatherhood curriculum addresses a wide range of topics aimed at improving parenting, family relationships and much more.