Single Dads

At Public Safety Organization (PSO) we know single fathers face challenges every day. Our goal is to help single dads raise awesome children in a loving, vibrant environment.

Today, more men than ever are making a choice. A Pew Research study published this statistic this summer: 8 percent of households with minor children are now headed by a single father, up from just one percent in 1960. This represents a nine-fold increase, from fewer than 300,000 households in 1960 to more than 2.9 million in 2015. There is a growing societal acceptance of fathers as primary caregivers.

According to the Pew study, we can attribute a large part of this to the U.S. judicial system, and its shifting standards for child custody cases.  Until recently, U.S. courts would almost always rule “in the best interest of the child” (which was court slang for “in favor of the mother”). But since the early 2000’s, many states have been adopting legislation that moves away from this “best interest” policy.

More fathers are starting to believe that they have something important to contribute to their children’s lives.

And sometimes a single father needs some help and encouragement.

PSO understands the challenges of single father families. Maybe you need to cut yourself some slack. It’s a tough job and you’ll make mistakes, but with positive intention and love, you’ll raise great children. If it’s going really poorly? Hit some roadblocks? Reach out to PSO and get some help.